Why Websites Are More Important Than Twitter

1. You Own Your Website. You Don’t Own TWITTER.

Twitter has more than a billion users. Everybody’s using it. It’s more important than a website. Twitter is going to last forever!

That’s what everyone thought about AOL in the 1990s. And about MySpace in the 2000s. And what happened to them?

2. Finding Your Audience Can Be Difficult.

For Twitter to work, you have to find your customers and be where they are. That easier said than done.

Many small businesses assume that their customers are on Twitter and they setup a Twitter presence because it’s “the trending thing to do.” But Twitter isn’t the right fit for every business. for some, it might be LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook.

With a great website that’s marketed well, your audience can find you and find the information/products they want to learn about or buy.

3. A Great Website Works Around The Clock.

Many business owners don’t realize that Twitter requires a different mindset. Sales pitches don’t often work. Twitter is great for listening and providing customer service. Sometimes it can be great for selling and lead gen, too, but that’s an approach that some businesses have struggled to adopt.

Final Thought

Let me make this clear:

I believe Twitter presence is a must. It’s important and can be an effective channel for businesses of any size.

What I’m saying is that Twitter is not more important than a website. I think a website is more important for all the reasons above — primarily because it’s your real estate that you own forever and no one can take away.

Ultimately, they’re both important. It’s not an “or” question … it’s an “and” answer. You need a great website and and an intelligent social media presence for long-lasting online success.

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