Content production – in written format that increases visitors conversion rate

I have put together pieces of advice in this blog that you will ever need about creating online content in a written format that will increase visitors’ conversion rate from your website.

The first thing to know about creating online content is that it’s all about creating relevant content to the specific persona with a purpose to deliver the right messages, offers, and or products and services at the right time. 

A persona – is an Identified, Selected, and Targeted character for online created content. 

This blog will focus on Content Production specific for content writing, some put it as a process of writing planning, writing, and editing web content often for digital marketing purposes.  

When I talk about Visitor’s Conversion rate from your content, think about a mall, the main goal to have your shop in the mall is to get more people to buy when they have come to visit the mall.

Your website is like a shop and a mall is the internet space.

Let’s say your website is located inside the mall and your task as a content creator is to lead people toward your website with an aim to convert them. When people come to your website, buy from your website, request a quote, and or sign up for a subscription your goal is reached. 

Conversion rate is defined as the ratio between visits during which your goal is reached. 

To realize the significance of content creation and conversion rate, take a look at the growing trend of buyers who are coming from the traffic of directly navigating websites and those searching online from 2020 to 2021.

The question is how you can create content that will increase visitors’ conversion rate for your business or as a content creator.

And I will help you to answer this question by giving you advice that works- of course from sources that are thriving on the internet – with the internet you do not have to re-invent the wheel, you take what works and add your spin!.

About the author

I am Siyabonga Mdluli,

I have been creating online content in blog format for more than five years. 

What interested me about this topic is that it helped me to improve my skill in writing content with a high conversion rate as I was doing the research. 

I know it will provide the same knowledge to you as you are reading and the same benefits when you start to apply lessons from this blog. 

Getting started with creating online content with high visitors conversion rate.

I made an example of a mall and shop early on when I was explaining conversion to you.

The mall’s goal is to get people or traffic to buy from its stores, what is your goal when it comes to visitors conversion?

Making clear goal/s for conversion  

will help you to determine if you are winning or not with your content. 

Here is a common list of clear goals you can set for yourself;

  • Page visits
  • Webform submission
  • Click on links
  • Clicks on elements
  • Customer conversions

A page vist happens when your website content (not limited to a Page or a blog) is found through search engines (Google search results, Bing search results, or another Website) and is loaded to be viewed.

Search Engine: a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.

Do not confuse a page visit with a page view, a Page view happens when someone or a browser loads your site.

To get more detailed information on how your Web pages are performing online, you can use Google Search Console

To get more visitors to your online content –  focus more on the Quality of your content. 

And before you put more effort to produce quality content make sure you have done a keyword search.  

For a keyword search, you can use a Keyword Magic tool from Semrush. Keyword search will help you to find the keywords that are most relevant to your content.

And follow with SEO basics before you begin writing your content. 

Semrush will take you through

  • Search Engine Basics
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Signal
  • On-page signals
  • SEO for mobile
  • Other ranking signals
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO

In this blog post, you have learned that to start your content you must have clear goals, we talked about the first goal of getting page visits and I have shared tools with you to achieve this goal.

We will continue to talk about the common goals for content writers that increase conversion rates and how to achieve these goals in the next posts, Shoutout if you have any questions…

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