5 Keys to Pick the Right Online Course Platform for Your Business today.

I am going to share 5 keys to pick the right online course platform from my perspective as a student.

Yes there are challenges like adaptability, technical issues and computer literacy just to name the few for students when it comes to online learning.

And that means online course entrepreneurs must dedicate their time and effort when it comes to choosing the best platform for hosting and delivering online courses for for students.

To pick the right online learning platform, the three biggest questions should be:
is this the best platform for students?
is this platform going to deliver what we as students are looking for from the online learning platform?
Is this platform responding to common challenges faced by online students.?

I am a student who believes in continuous improvement and to do that I’ve dedicated my life to endless learning, that why I chose to learn online after my traditional Face 2 Face university degree.

Online student

I know a fancy online platform when I see it, but I wait until I use it before I conclude it is the best!.

I know there is a lot of works that go to building platforms, selling platforms, and implementing platforms.

Getting a user perspective on the best online learning platform can help individuals and organizations to choose the right platform for their course business.

Here are five keys I think online course creator should consider when choosing the best platform for their courses.

Finish your online course project

And think about the experience you want to create for your students.

Happy online student

Once your online course project is finished you will be clear on the learning strategy that is suitable for your course.

As a student whenever I am about to take any new information, I scan the whole content just to figure out a strategy I will use to take in this new information.

So how the information is presented to me matters the most, I wish online course creators can think about how best can a student take in the type of information they are sharing before choosing an online platform.

Online course businesses must consider platforms that can provide an impactful learning experience for learners.

Pen down what you need from the Platform.

There are plenty of online course platforms that you will find online but you need one that will be tailored to your business strategy and learning strategy need.

As a business owner, you need a platform where you have total control of your course pricing and control of the ways you are presenting your course.

Do research on what a platform can do for you and make an informed decision.

Do the comparison of your similar alternatives.

On your research make sure you compare platforms that are similar based on your need.

Online learning platforms are compared based on these categories; Deployment, Features, Support, Training, and Pricing.

Deployment: This is the medium through which your online course can be delivered. E.g. Mobile (iPad, iPhone, or Android), Desktop (Linux, Windows, or Chromebook)

Deciding on the right features will help you to narrow down your target customers and in finding the best online learning platform to deliver your course.

Here are the most common features; Academic/ education, Asynchronous learning, Co-operate/ businesses, eCommerce management, eLearning companies, and Video conferencing.

Have a look thinkific for interest sake, from my lenses I can say it is more suitable for academic however it is not limited on that because you can get all the features that I have mentioned on the above paragraph.

Thinkific allows anyone with a goal to educate his or her own customers, sell courses, or individuals who are eager to grow their brand.

Be realistic.

A good online course platform like Thinkific can provide you with unlimited student support and course upselling opportunities.

Thinkific also go an extra mile to help and support your business whether you educating 10 or 10 million students.

However you still need to create a marketing strategy for your course, students need to know about your online course before you can expect to cash in!.

Even a good or the best online learning platform, however, is rated, that platform cannot build an audience for you!

I am going to say this point here, students need coaches, consultants, or experts who they can rely on as a source of information or a skill.

Now you must be that person to students as a course creator.

I think students are the quality and reliable audience you can ever build because they will still use what they got from your course in their practices.

Remember it’s your online course content that matters after all.

Online course creators, deliver quality content to us, Please.

Yes you need the best platform to deliver your content effectively.

But your content and relationship with your students plays a big role.

If you think your platform is letting you down, yes change it but also be critical about your content, does it deliver what you promised on the “out-come of this module” section?, that a question you must ask yourself continuously – for continuous improvement sake.

If you have read this post so far, as a token of appreciation I would like to offer you 30-days free access to start an online business with your online course.

Claim the free access to online course platform here – Free Online Course Platform.

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