I am currently observing Easy Equities!

I have been looking to start something that will be a second source of income. Most people will tell you, it is tough in South Africa to live with one salary “Kurafu”.

You definitely need to know how to make extra money from a side hustle.

I have been real searching how to make money online in South Africa, most of the answers are either quick fix with high risk or something that will take a lot of your time – the time I don’t have as I am working from eight to five.

I wanted something that is low risky, not time consuming and most importantly reliable.

So while I was not looking I bumped into EasyEquities. A man who is about my father’s age asked if I knew about EasyEquities. I don’t know- I admitted. But when I saw it I realized that I actually once heard about it from Capitec bank- but I paid no attention.

The man showed me his portfolio with a current profit of 4k and I saw that he once withdrew some profit.

He told me he started in 2019. Immediately I got interested in this EasyEquities.

If you are wondering what is EasyEquities – it is a platform that enables users to invest in brands or businesses which includes whole shares and fractional share rights – FSRs allows you to invest in a portion of a share, while still getting the benefits of being a shareholder.

EasyEquities acts as an agent for the issue of whole shares, where you- investor is the registered owner of those shares, entitled to dividends – a sum of money paid regularly by a company to its shareholders out of its profits. You can buy shares of your favourite Johannesburg Stock Exchange – JSE listed company.

Owning a share of your favourite business means you own a small part of that business.

A good thing!, you can start with any amount – start with fractional share rights and build up from there until you own a whole share. If you are still with me so far, go on and start something that you will thank yourself for in the future – check them out and open your account here – EasyEquities.

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