Five things you can do to set yourself apart from average employees

To know how to be a great employee and actually be that great employee can set you apart from average employees.

So far what is known about great employees is that they are dependable, Proactive and Hard-working moreover they are capable of shifting from leading to following with no sweat!.

To be a great employee you have to practice the following:

1. Make relatively few important decisions.

Let the person who is closest to the issue be the one who make the decision.

Know that you shouldn’t make certain decisions.

2. Discipline employees relatively infrequently.

Do not scold or dictate – better find a better way – and it not a disciplinary way.

A punishment is often a distraction from the lesson that might be learnt.

3. Appear to care more about employees goal than company goals.

Make employees to feel that what they do will benefit them as much as it does the company.

4. Lead through perspiration, not inspiration.

Be a leader who keeps everyone organized, on task, focused on goals and quick to respond.

Be effective.

5. Don’t always know the answer.

When asked about certain questions remember to use that opportunity to engage employees from your team.

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