Vaccines from the age of 18 and more murder and other crimes in SA: observer highlights

Registration for Vaccines from 18years old is now allowed.

A good thing you can register online; I opted to register via WhatsApp and it was very easy,

You only need to give them your Id Number, Name, Surname, and where you live. After that PING!, an SMS in your inbox: you are now registered to get your Jab.

More murder and other crimes in SOUTH AFRICA.

You are most likely to get killed in South Africa for the following reasons;

  • Some people will kill you, just for disagreeing with them.
  • Robberies will kill you if you can’t let go, you are a threat, or by mistake.
  • Becareful of the mob! If you are one of the mob you might get killed!, If the mob is approaching you, you might get killed!
  • Mafias members kill one another for taking control of the street, and gangsters get killed by SAPS, or by ordinary citizen in self defance.

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