What to do when your career takes a detour?

In July 2016, the company I worked for experienced the unforgiving floods ever that almost turned the factory upside down.

Raw materials turned into mud, finished products destroyed, and work in progress scattered on the production floor.

I was hands-on in helping to clean up and sorting the place to get back to normality. Follow me!

I had to put down my clipboard and forget about the Quality terms “Non-conformances” ” Root cause analysis and Corrective Actions” none of those terms were gonna be handy at that time…

I was part of the operation clean-up team. It’s not like I didn’t have a choice.
Some of my colleagues chose to stay away until the operation got back to its normality.

Anything can happen in uncertain times- I realized that my career took a mini detour. However, I cannot just fold arms because it is not my field.

I told myself this is one of “No Regret Moves”- actions that will be helpful regardless of changing circumstances.

Plus.. It felt like the right thing to be amongst the team…

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