{Positive post so far in 2021} We can end the pandemic

I just saw a post from the past: unknown virus appeared in Wuhan on 31th, Dec 2019.

A year later, at the beginning of 2021, people’s lives in Wuhan went back to normal. Chinese People can go to restaurants, theatres, pubs, etc. without worries.

It’s not because Chinese people have the anecdote or whatever as Trump’s conspiracy theories said. It’s not because they have the vaccine (which just came out to the market yesterday) to make everyone immune. The real reason is they took it seriously and they made efforts.

Almost everyone can follow the rules and guidance the government has introduced to deal with COVID: wear a face mask, stay at home, and keep the social distance. Moreover, they built two hospitals containing thousands of beds within ten days in Wuhan.

Numerous drivers delivered food, water, and other necessities to Wuhan voluntarily. Some beverage producers changed their production lines to produce disinfectant regardless of the cost and sent disinfectant for free Many restaurants reopened during the lockdown just to offer free meals to doctors and nurses. 

It was a public health crisis, and the Chinese people unified to resolve it. 

As China can do it, South Africans too can do it as well, in fact, every country can do it. We will end the COVID pandemic if we take it seriously. The COVID is not fake and has nothing to do with politics.

Lockdown is a measure to protect you and it has nothing to do with freedom.

Wearing masks is not the Chinese government’s conspiracy. So please follow public health measures, wear your face masks, and stay at home during the lockdown.  PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. TAKE ACTION.

We will have a peaceful 2021 if the world works together to end the pandemic. We can go back to the pre-covid world. Have some faith in human : )

Source: https://passionjurnal.tumblr.com/post/639087645234003969/we-can-end-the-pandemic

#Secondwave #CovidinSA #happynewyear #goodbye2021

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