Good observer: Wednesday

My favorite Quote so far: “A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.” — Rumi

Some say the author is talking about lovers, urging them to devote their heart to one person.

Some people are convinced that the author is talking about GOD with everlasting love. “Forsake everything else for God”..

I am saying, seek the answer in yourself and I will see you other side.

Word I have observed: circumvent (verb) (/səːkəmˈvɛnt/). meaning: find a way around (an obstacle). Observed multiply times from twitter ban evasion policy

Artist that resonate with me as far as this week is concern: Lauryn Hill , ~ I Gotta Find Peace of Mind. I experienced the peace of mind just by listening this track and it made me to listen more of her songs.

That my week so far!

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