Food Safety Questions Answered

I came accross with some good food safety questions and answers from Institute of Food Technology (ITF) blog by Thomas Burke . The asked questions and answers really reveal the future of Food safety as a means to , making sure the consumers are safety and companies need to make sure of that.

And this can be achieved when the food companies that are in food chain really look at the answer of the question of what is the first step to establish a food safety culture.

An answer for this question can be found in the explaination of what is food safety culture:

Food safety culture is explained as an approach of an organization that focuses not only on adopting and incorporating processes to protect products but moreover on how employees view their roles and the organization’s role in food safety.

Burke’s answered this question by mentioning that mutual respect among all the role components of the food safety system is essential. He also elaborated that it is critical to recognize and respect the role each constituent plays in ensuring the safety of food products, from food handlers to technical staff to management, and everyone in between.

From the explanation of Food safety and Burke’s answer what stand out for me is people of the organization who are assigned to the specific roles. It true, culture is bulit through people.

To bulid a food safety culture it is no brainer that people need to know first how they contribute towards food safety and how to play their roles to ensure objectives of food safety are achieved.

When everyone is aware of their contribution and playing their roles toward attaining food safety objectives, a culture of food safety is formed and it needs to be respected from food handlers to technical staff to management, and everyone in between.

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