What to do when your career takes a detour?

In July 2016 the company I worked for experienced the unforgiving floods ever that almost turned the factory upside down.

Many equipment and machines were destroyed almost beyond repairs, raw materials and meat turned into mud. Work in progress products scattered in the production floor. Finished products in the Blast freezers and Holding freezer were destroyed.

To sum it up it was a catastrophe.

I had to make a decision to go home or intervene to make a situation better. I decided to be hands-on in helping to clean up and sorting the place to get back to its normality.

This answered the question of what to do when your career takes a detour.

My Quality Manager set-up the team tasked to assess the products that can be saved from this mess. I decided to be part of the team. Some of my colleagues chose to stay away until operation got back to its normality. I was also a part of the operation clean-up team. I realized that my career took a mini detour. However, I cannot just fold arms because it was not my field.

I realized the nature of the company I was in, that it just a small family business they cannot afford to hire external people to sort out everything and I can help them to cut the cost where it’s feasible. 

During the operation clean-up I felt good, because what I was doing was going to benefit me as much as it does for the company. And indeed it benefited me later, I was promoted to be a Senior Food Technologist because I have demonstrated to be dependable, Proactive and Hard-working employee. 

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